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Director of Christian Education

Minister Dr. Barnest Patton II


Cheryl Smith

New Member Orientation
Min. Dr. Patton II

Vacation Bible School
Min. Dr. Patton II



LaBrenda Slayton and Yvonne Taylor

Contact information Email the director of Christian Education: ambc240.ce@gmail.com

Alpha Christian Education Ministry

Purpose Statement
Alpha Missionary Baptist Church Christian Education Ministry’s purpose is to equip the saints for the ministry by offering a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth that will transform their lives.

Vision Statement
Alpha Missionary Baptist Church Christian Education Ministry’s vision is for members of our congregation to continually grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by making their individual spiritual growth a priority.

Christian Education Suggested Training Pyramid

Upcoming Classes

Class Start Date Finish Date Day Start Time End Time Comments
*Living by the Book TBD TBD Tue 7:00 PM 16-week course to learn how to observe, interpret, and apply God’s Word
Vacation Bible School TBD TBD 2020 Theme “Focus on what Matters Most! Hebrews”

Internet Bible Study Resources


Created by the Sowing Circle Bible Translations NASB, KJV, NIV, various Bible Translations Very good for word study and has easy to use concordance, Hebrew/Greek Lexicon and Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Has study tools (International Study Bible Encyclopedia, etc.) http://www.blueletterbible.org/search/Dictionary/viewEntries.cfm?DietID=4


Created by Lifeway Christian Resources (Southern Baptist Convention Publishing division For Sunday School materials, etc. ) Bibles: NASB, Holman Christian Standard Bible Strong’s Greek/Hebrew Dictionary Dictionaries: Easton’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock’s Dictionary of Bible Names, Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary


Strong’s exhaustive Concordance (KJV/NASB)


International Standard Bible Encyclopedia


Free Bible study programs (can be downloaded to your computer)

Right Now Media